Asbestos Removal

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Although it has been suspected that asbestos in buildings could be harmful to health since the early 20th Century, its use in buildings was continued well past that, even into the 1980s and 90s. It wasn’t until 2003 that Australia banned its use with some countries having banned it earlier whilst some did not ban it until even later.

The problem with asbestos was that it was discovered that if the building materials it was used in started to deteriorate, the asbestos which would then be in powder form, would be released into the atmosphere where it could be inhaled. Once inhaled, this powder would never leave the lungs which could cause leukemia or even cancer.

Today, because of the health hazard presented by asbestos, many people in Sydney are having their homes tested, if they were built prior to 2003, to see exactly what potential hazard any asbestos in them may have. If tests prove positive for a harmful amount of asbestos, often the owners are paying to have the asbestos removed. That asbestos removal Sydney can be accomplished by several specialist companies who can often carry out the inspections as well. Obviously, as the asbestos does present a health hazard, the companies that do the removal, have to dispose of the asbestos according to local and national guide lines to ensure that it does not become a potential hazard to anyone else.

It is often the same companies that can do inspections for asbestos, removal of asbestos and disposal of asbestos and are often called on to assist or complete demolish of buildings that are suspected of containing elements of asbestos as even the demolishing of a building will release the asbestos dust into the atmosphere where it can potentially affect many people in the vicinity.

With asbestos now being known to be such a health hazard, many people wonder as to why it was ever used in the first place but its original use, before its dangers were apparent, were genuine attempts to make life more pleasant. Asbestos, when first used in the 1800s, was added to building materials in order to make them more insulated from both heat and sound. It was considered a good insulator as it was able to keep the materials non-combustible; in fact, it strengthened those materials against fire and heat. It was then and still is today, safe in its original form but it is when the material gets disturbed in any way that the asbestos dust fibers become loose to pollute the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, asbestos used in a home is not something that can be removed as a DIY project, it is a task which should be left to professionals that fully understand all the hazards involved and also are fully aware of all the precautions that have to be taken whilst removing it and of disposing of it. Likewise the demolishing of a building suspected of containing asbestos can also be very tricky and so a professional should be called in those instances also.

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