Selling a Property

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Obviously if you are selling any property, you would want to get as much money for it as you possibly could but, sometimes other concerns may take priority over the price you get for the property. Although when you compare buyers prices they pay, you will see that usually people who buy from a realtor pay more than professional property buyers but, selling to a property buyer does have its advantages. When you sell your property through a realtor, there are many specific things that you will need to do before the realtor will accept the property on to their books. First of all if any repairs are needed to the property, most realtors will insist that they are done before a sale is even considered.

This can be a problem for many sellers of property as, even if they do have spare funds to make the repairs, They may be greatly inconvenienced whilst the repairs are being made and secondly, those repairs may take some time to complete. Secondly a realtor will insist that an impartial property appraiser is hired to evaluate the correct value of the property. This again takes time. Lastly although a realtor may have your property on their lists, it may still take a good time before an appropriate buyer is found. If you sell directly to a property buyer though, they may not need any appraisal or evaluation. A property buyer may buy a property in whatever condition it is in, not requiring the need to wait whilst any repairs are made. Lastly a property buyer will pay cash and will wrap up the sale in just a matter of days, not the weeks a realtor can take. The disadvantage of selling directly to a property buyer though is of course the price they will pay for a property.

The property buyer only buys property that they know they can make a profit from and so will usually offer below any expected price or value, allowing them room to make a profit. Sometimes a property buyer may not sell a property immediately as if they think that the value of properties in that area may soon increase they may hang on to a property in order to make more profit. As far as buying a house which is need of repair Is concerned, a property buyer may buy it at a low price and have the repairs done themselves as that may allow them to make a larger profit when they do sell it in a good condition. One time when property buyers are very much of an advantage to sell to is if a building for sale has tenants in it. Although under those conditions a realtor may not take the property onto their books, a property buyer may well do, provided they are allowed to see any tenant agreements that are current. There is however little doubt that whatever the circumstances or state of a property, selling to a property buyer will ensure that the seller receives money sooner than if they sold it through a realtor.

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